Digital Logbook

What’s the location of your fleet? How much fuel is your vessel using? Is your crew well rested? Are all systems in check? Is your ship due for maintenance? Administrative duties are an essential part of seafarers’ duties. However these obligations often overlap with rest hours, and put a strain on the crew.

Add to that: being in control of your operation, costs and planning, compliance and regulations, keeping your customer happy and having all the data available to optimize all of the items mentioned. You can meet all these demands, and surpass expectations with our Onboard Digital Logbook. Start working together in new and impactful ways.

Key features

  • Replace traditional paper logbooks, simplify work and reduce the workload of your crew.
  • Automatically input sensor and machine data and prevent double entry.
  • Share information between your fleet, office and partners.
  • Get the right information in the right place at the right time.

Securely organize workflows

Onboard’s application can automate a large part of the paper work. Digitizing this data that would otherwise be entered manually, saves time for seafarers and their colleagues on shore, avoids double entry, decreases the risk of human error, and makes sure that information is shared to the correct administrative rights holders.

Better collaboration

Communication with colleagues and partners on shore becomes easier, as much of the paperwork on board becomes automated. Clients have direct access to the information on their operations. This clear view on data fosters a better understanding of costs and leads to better collaboration with supply partners.

Fleet performance

With additional insight into your operations, the Onboard Digital Logbook app provides a good foundation for identifying inefficiencies. It enables you to start exploring your processes and find non-value adding activities that can be reduced or eliminated from the process, therefore improving the utilization of your assets and overall performance of your business. More information, more power to you.

Ship app

With the bridge display the crew can log the vessels voyages and activities by means of a touch interface. Equipment usage and remarks can be added to every activity. The crew automatically receives their voyage schedules and have access to their log of past voyages and activities. Access to the application is controlled by the fleet manager who handles user accounts of all crew members from shore.

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