Fuel Efficiency

Set targets for fuel efficiency, per vessels, per crew, per voyage and activity, compare results, receive feedback from your crew and provide real-time feedback in return. Share consumption reports and improve cooperation  with your partners.

Key features

  • Manage fuel performance of your entire fleet.
  • Compare vessels and voyages and set targets for fuel efficiency.
  • Meet environmental control and regulations requirements.
  • Share detailed vessels fuel consumption reports with your partners.
  • Provide and receive feedback from the crew on their performance.
  • Interface directly with engines or any type of flowmeter, following a quick and easy install.

Plug and play

The Onboard Fuel Efficiency app interfaces directly with the engines, vessel management system or any type of add-on fuel measurement sensor such as Coriolis, ultrasonic or positive displacement flow sensors. The Onboard team can give advice for a suitable selection and provide support with the correct interfacing. Additional sensors or systems data on board are easily added. The installation on board is plug and play can be done by your crew.

Crew engagement

The crew on board is the single most important factor in fuel performance. By means of the Onboard bridge display the crew receives direct feedback on their fuel performance and the targets set for their vessel by fleet management.

Crew’s that have been working with the Onboard Fuel Efficiency app have shared their enthusiasm about how it makes their work easier and how they feel included and help to achieve the company goals.

Fuel performance

Fuel consumption remains a sizable portion of a ship’s operating costs. With the Onboard Fuel Efficiency app, the use of fuel can be quantified and optimized by monitoring several aspects of a vessel’s journey.

No vessel is the same and every operation is different. By combining fuel consumption data and operational data into a meaningful data set the Onboard Fuel Efficiency app enables you to analyse and understand optimizations that are unique to your operation and vessels. Our first customers, reduced fuel consumption by 16% in the first quarter of using the app. That’s more money back in our customers’ pockets.

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