Vessel monitoring

The maritime industry is more than familiar with Big Data. Vessels, ports and terminals are filled with sensors and advanced analytics enabling radical operational and vessel performance optimization are undeniably setting a course towards a more cost-effective maritime supply chain.

Although the industry is already using equipment that is becoming more connected and smarter and an enormous amount of data is generated, the combination of low bandwidth data communications and the volume of data to be processed is an obstacle in itself. In addition, as the variety of data interfaces, protocols and formats increases, a multi-faceted hurdle emerges for collecting and storing large volumes of data and making it meaningful.

Start small work fast

The Onboard Vessel Monitoring app in combination with the data and source agnostic Onboard Platform allows you to take that obstacle. Easy to install and to add data points makes it uniquely scalable. This level of flexibility allows it to change with your growing need for data and makes it suitable for small and large number of deployments and for small and big data sets. 


Residing on the edge and supporting most common maritime data protocols the Onboard Server interfaces with every possible machine, system or sensor on board. Captured data is aggregated on fleet level and the raw data is made available in a private data lake. Support is provided for, cloud-based time series data access, advanced trend analysis tools and to export metrics to other file formats. Tight integration with our Onboard Digital Logbook allows for rich context such as operational, crew and navigational data to be added to the vast amounts of collected machine data. 

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