Visit Onboard at the Offshore Energy 2017 in Amsterdam

Onboard is very excited at the opportunity to engage in an interactive session on how we can work together and bring about a transformation in the maritime industry. On October 10&11, we’ll be waiting for you.

As the Offshore Energy Exhibition and Conference marks its 10 anniversary, it’s introducing the Startup Zone. 11 inventive startups in the field of offshore energy will have the unique opportunity to present their ideas to the world. That’s where we’ll be.

Onboard’s purpose is to excite the maritime business and create a new kind of collaboration. The one in which people work together, share ideas and knowledge, increase the value of this shared intelligence and work together some more. We provide an open platform that facilitates connectivity between maritime systems and between people. With our connectivity solutions we are challenging and inviting the maritime industry, partners, adventurers and third parties to join in and be part of a change.

We are looking forward to meeting you and working together during our interactive session.

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For more information on Onboard connectivity solutions, or to make an appointment with us during the OEEC, please give us a call at +31 (0)10 313 2507 or write us at:

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