Driver of maritime change

Maritime businesses are highly dependent on real-time information, and yet its availability can seem worlds away. Working relationships and processes are fragmented on many levels. Operations are often autonomous and this affects the performance of assets and crew at sea, colleagues on shore, partners, and arguably, the entire maritime industry.

Although the maritime industry is overall advanced when it comes to technological progress, it still lags behind in accepting new forms of digital technologies. The enormous diversity of constituents –systems, machines and sensors on board, a lack of standard data infrastructure both on land and on assets at sea, outdated multifaceted single feature applications and no way of connecting all these applications, data and devices– creates a formidable hurdle for data to flow and to make any sense to anyone. As new digital technologies are constantly proving their indispensability in other industries, it’s essential that the maritime industry adopts them as well.

The Onboard Team

We are fascinated by the current changes in the maritime sector. It’s the world we know and have professionally grown in. It’s also where we observe a rising demand for digital solutions. And a need for businesses to start working together differently, in order to make new opportunities real.

So, with many years of entrepreneurial and commercial, local and international experience backing us, we’re bringing connectivity to the maritime industry. With our Onboard platform, we are fully equipped to contribute to the transformation of our industry with endless productivity possibilities. It’s blue skies ahead.

Connected together

Onboard has developed the first platform connecting the maritime industry to the IoT. It connects the crew, machines, systems and sensors on board to the supply chain, opens the flow of big data, and integrates advanced analytics real time. Applications that run on the platform use this dynamic big data and turn it into KPIs for our customers.

The Onboard platform sets a new standard for managing information that will facilitate the creation of a more efficient and transparent maritime supply chain and will present an endless variety of strategic possibilities for new business models.

And to reach our ultimate goal of transforming the industry, our platform is open to other developers, customers and partners. Open interoperability and the development of common architectures allow all stakeholders to fully integrate their applications and internal systems. This offers all parties a new level of communication while helping them maintain controlled and secure access to underlying data sources.