Onboard at Offshore Energy 2018 in Amsterdam

We’re looking forward to meeting you October 23 & 24 this year, at the Offshore Energy Exhibition taking place in Amsterdam, NL. We have something new for you.

Come and learn about our Energy Efficiency application and watch a live demo in action. We’re excited to show you how our application can optimize your onboard operations and performance across your entire fleet. This includes a complete report of every activity, vessel utilization, fuel efficiency, and tools to optimize it.

Our application provides insight into operations for clients as well, giving them more information and thus fostering trust and better collaboration between partners.

We believe that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. The reasoning behind the application is to make data easily available to allow people to make an informed decision. Onshore users have a complete overview of their fleet operation and fuel performance. Total fuel savings, average consumption per activity and CO2 savings are calculated and can be benchmarked, per ship, per shift, group of vessels and for the whole fleet.

KOTUG, our first customer, already saved 16% on fuel consumption after using our Energy Efficiency application for only three months. There’s a lot more we want to share with you about our application, and about Onboard. We hear there will be more than 15,000 participants joining us during these busy days, we hope that’s you!

Offshore Energy is a conference and exhibition focusing on technical, operational and commercial challenges linked with the offshore sector’s growing presence. Key topics and solutions are presented by innovative players from 600+ exhibitors. The event gives the offshore community the opportunity to interact with and enlarge its international network.

We look forward to being part of the offshore conversation and showing you how you can positively contribute to a better, more efficient future in the offshore industry. See you there!

For more information about our new Energy Efficiency application, Onboard connectivity solutions, or to make an appointment with us during the exhibition, please give us a call at +31 (0)10 313 2507 or write us at:

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