Onboard at Smart Shipping Challenge

Onboard will be participating in the Smart Shipping challenge, aka SMASH! this Thursday 30 November. Once again, we’re very excited at having the opportunity to attend a conference whose central theme is to push the boundaries of ship connectivity.

SMASH! is organized by Rijkswaterstaat, and seeks to share smart shipping knowledge across the industry, while using sustainability, safety and efficiency as pillars of automated shipping innovations.

Our co-founder Florus Wilming will be sharing our insights on integrated data exchange. Florus will be discussing the immense reach of digital platforms and how they can be used for communication throughout the supply chain. Imagine what it’s like if every device and everyone can be connected and engaged?

Have you ever been curious about seeing a self-steering barge? Would you even dare being on one? We’ve entered a new phase in shipping connectivity. And it’s only getting better. Join us at the conference and start this exciting journey with us!

Check out the SMASH! program!

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