Onboard’s new partnership with Multraship

Partnerships are always celebrated here at Onboard, as they are the foundation of our working together mentality. We think it’s important to announce them and share with you how they benefit not just the parties currently involved, but potentially, the entire maritime industry.

This time, we are introducing Multraship as our partner. We’ve been working together since February 2018, when their ship Multratug 32 was the first in their fleet to work with Onboard. A second ship, Multratug 33, followed soon after. Both ships are equipped with the Onboard Platform and Energy Efficiency application as part of a pilot. Another two tugs will work with our platform as of December this year.

The Multratug ships are new and unique, and are known as Carrousel Rave Tugs (CRTs). Novatug, an innovation partner belonging to the Muller Maritime Group –of which Multraship is part– has developed and launched the revolutionary design. The new tugs have more control over the ships they assist and provide more safety for the crew. The design was driven by the goal to optimize efficiency. The carrousel mechanism uses part of the assisted ship’s energy to maneuver, thus using less energy and fuel. Multraship & Novatug won the Maritime KVNR Shipping Award 2018 for their Carrousel Rave Tug.

Onboard has been invited to support Novatug in measuring and benchmarking the new tugs’ towing performance. Our Energy Efficiency application will provide real-time feedback to the captain and enable fleet management to use the CRTs more efficiently. Onboard can also train the crew on how to obtain better insight to increase efficiencies that will improve the ships’ bottom lines.

Onboard is happy to be working together with innovative partners who are sharing their technology with the industry. This collaborative mentality, we believe, is how we can move forward, creating a more connected maritime world.

About Multraship

Multraship is a leading Dutch towage and salvage company. Their activities include harbor & terminal towage, salvage, sea towage, offshore services and port services.

About Novatug

Novatug develops innovative harbor towage solutions and is driven by the shifting requirements of the shipping industry. The company developed the CARROUSEL RAVE TUG in 2013.

About Onboard

Onboard has developed the first IoT platform for the maritime industry. It connects the crew, machines, systems and sensors on board to the supply chain, opens the flow of big data, and integrates advanced analytics real time. We founded our company with the belief that working together is the anchor for a digital maritime revolution. Join us in creating innovative applications and collaborative business models that will benefit all stakeholders.

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