Collect data from your vessels, machines, systems or any components with the latest sensor technology, and empower your crew with modern connectivity. readmore
Be in real-time control of your fleet and remain in control of your business. Raise your competitive edge while keeping your costs down. readmore
Add more value to your information by sharing it with the industry. Work together towards new customer experiences and business models.

Digital transformation

When we think digital transformation, we think people, assets, organizations and the exchange of information. Customers and businesses interacting with each other, using every device under the sun, anywhere. All this connection and exchange of information brings value, which accumulates as it’s being shared. It’s the Internet of Things.

In the maritime industry, we see that many of these connectivity aspects are a challenge. This is why Onboard is bringing a Maritime IoT solution to the industry. Our platform can turn your vessels, cargo, machines, systems and sensors into smart devices, in other words, connected things. This connectivity is what will trigger the digital transformation of the industry.

Industry Platform

Our platform connects your people and your assets. It hosts our own industrial applications and boasts connectivity services that will empower anyone who comes in contact with it. From sensors, to your machines and systems on board, to your crew, to your partners, to the industry. Connectivity is happening.

The Onboard platform is made up of two main components, the Onboard Server and the Onboard Cloud. The Onboard platform collects large amounts of raw data from all sensor sources, which is then processed on board and on shore. Data is accessible real-time to the captain on the bridge, crew, other vessels in the fleet, to the shipping company office on shore, or industry partners elsewhere. The Onboard platform is our way of connecting the maritime world.

Making actionable sense out of all this information is the next challenge. Let us show you how our Onboard Apps can automate information flows and guide your business through a digital transformation.