Onboard Cloud

Onboard is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based platform. The Onboard cloud and applications are centrally hosted in a private cloud and managed by the Onboard team, all under the customer’s ownership.

Benefits of the cloud

Advantages of our cloud solution are that there is no need to manage and maintain the application and underlying infrastructure, implementation is fast, and updates are painless and quick. Additionally, the usage of our cloud solution is easily scalable.

Instead of investing in additional in-house server capacity, customers can simply adjust their Software-as-a-Service subscription on a monthly basis, scaling consumption requirements up and down based on the number of assets connected to the Onboard cloud.

Global reach

Authorized users on shore are able to access Onboard Apps and their data using a device of their choosing; smartphone, tablet or laptop. Communication between your organization and your partners is also managed by the Onboard cloud. Standard interfaces enable your other enterprise systems to easily interact with the Onboard cloud, optimizing information flows for a multitude of applications. The sharing of information has never been so easy.


Quality of real-time data flows, analytics verification and cybersecurity will play an important role and as new roles and business models take shape, Onboard believes consistency in information and standards will be major players. The Onboard platform ecosystem is the main element that will ensure this level of security and trust. We envision a smooth-running and prosperous maritime world in an ecosystem of connectivity.

Onboard Apps