Onboard server

The Onboard server connects the ship to shore. It interfaces with every possible machine, system or sensor on board, and monitors and logs machine and operational data, and processes all manual input from the crew.


  • Dimensions : L422 x W320 x H88 mm
  • Power : 24 VDC – 230 VAC
  • Battery : built-in lithium ion battery (up to 4 hours of battery life)
  • I/O :  Modbus / NMEA / CAN bus / RS232 / RS422 / RS485
  • Cable support : cable sealing module, including strain relief
  • Expansion : 4G communication, Wifi module, GPS receiver

Intelligent Synchronization

All data on board is intelligently synchronized with the Onboard cloud on shore. The technology for this exchange of information has been especially developed to cope with the challenging circumstances of communicating at sea, and to safeguard the security of your data.

All applications used by the crew communicate directly with the Onboard server that enables the crew to continue working even when the vessel is offline for minutes, hours or days. The Onboard server is compatible with every existing onboard internet connection.

Build for sea

The Onboard server is compact in size, fanless, CE compliant and built to withstand harsh environmental factors, such as extended temperature ranges, voltage variations, shocks, vibrations and high humidity. The rugged design of the Onboard server makes it reliable, and allows it to operate properly and under extreme conditions.

Always up to date

Once the Onboard server is installed on board, the need to physically connect to it for maintenance and support, or for installing updates or new features, will be minimal. The Onboard platform is designed in such a way that updates and upgrades for your entire fleet can be deployed in very small intervals and in very small batches without delay of service. This means the crew will be able to continue using their Onboard applications at all times, anywhere in the world, while Onboard adds features during the lifetime of the Onboard server.

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Experience the connection of more than just devices. Facilitate working relationships between your crew and your business partners.


Lower your costs, make your fleet more efficient and participate in the development of transparent supply chain operations.

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