Seabulk Towing will work together with Onboard

Partnerships are always celebrated here at Onboard, as they are the foundation of our working together mentality. We think it’s important to announce them and share with you how they benefit not just the parties currently involved, but potentially, the entire maritime industry.

2019 will start up strong for Onboard. We’re looking forward to welcoming yet another innovative and forward-thinking partner to our collaborative platform. Seabulk Towing, an industry leader, will be installing Onboard on three of its vessels: the Trident, Triton and Trinity in March of this year.

Once again, innovation meets innovation. The Trident is the first U.S. Advanced Rotortug (ART). Rick Groen, Seabulk vice president says: “The best way to describe the Rotortug would be as the next-generation SDM (Ship Docking Module).” 

The Trident and her sister vessels Trinity and Triton each have three azimuth propulsion units, whose strategic positions offer full redundancy and maximum maneuverability. Three of these ARTs are currently operating along U.S. coast lines. Designed with the principles of safety and efficiency, these tugs are setting a new standard. Onboard is excited to add the vessels to its connected family. Our Energy Efficiency application will empower the company to analyze the ships’ powerful performance.

About Seabulk Towing

Seabulk Towing, a SEACOR Holdings Inc. company is an established leader in harbor ship assist operations and offshore towing services. The company’s fleet assists deep sea and coastal vessels during port calls, providing services along the Gulf Coast and Southeastern seaboard port system from Port Arthur, Texas to Cape Canaveral, Florida.

About Onboard 

Onboard has developed the first IoT platform for the maritime industry. It connects the crew, machines, systems and sensors on board to the supply chain, opens the flow of big data, and integrates advanced analytics real time. We founded our company with the belief that working together is the anchor for a digital maritime revolution. Join us in creating innovative applications and collaborative business models that will benefit all stakeholders.

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