Energy Efficiency

The Energy Efficiency application provides insight into your vessel performance and total control over fleet operations. This includes a complete report of every activity, vessel utilization, fuel efficiency, and tools to optimize it. The reasoning behind the application is to make data easily available to allow people to make an informed decision: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Measure the important metrics, reward people by met and exceeded performance.

Key features

  • Manage operational and fuel performance of your entire fleet.
  • Compare vessels and voyages and set targets for fuel efficiency.
  • Meet environmental control and regulations requirements.
  • Share detailed vessels reports with your partners.
  • Provide and receive feedback from the crew using the bridge display.
  • Interface directly with data from your engines or any type of flowmeter, following a quick and easy install.

Plug and play

The Energy Efficiency application interfaces directly with the engines or any type of add-on fuel measurement sensor such as Coriolis, ultrasonic or positive displacement flow sensors. The Onboard team can give advice for a suitable selection and provide support with the correct interfacing. Additional sensors or systems data on board are easily added. Installation takes no more than half a day.

Electronic logbook

The crew on the bridge can log the vessels voyages and activities by means of a touch interface. Equipment usage and remarks can be added to every activity. Fuel consumption profile set by fleet management, average activity fuel consumption, and the calculated fuel efficiency of the current shift are displayed. The crew automatically receives their voyage schedules and have access to their log of past voyages and activities. Access to the application is controlled by the fleet manager who handles user accounts of all crew members from shore.

Better collaboration

Communication with colleagues and partners on shore becomes easier, as much of the paperwork on board becomes automated. Clients have direct access to the information on their operations. This clear view on data fosters a better understanding of costs and leads to better collaboration with supply partners.

Reduced fuel consumption

Fuel consumption remains a sizable portion of a ship’s operating costs. With the Onboard energy efficiency application, the use of fuel can be quantified and optimized by monitoring several aspects of a vessel’s journey. Fuel consumption, CO2 emissions are calculated per activity and can be benchmarked, per ship, per shift, group of vessels and for the whole fleet. Our first customers, reduced fuel consumption by 16% in the first quarter of using the application. That’s more money back in our customers’ pockets.

Fleet utilization

With additional insight into your operations, the Onboard Energy Efficiency application provides a good foundation for identifying inefficiencies. It enables you to start exploring your processes and find non-value adding activities that can be reduced or eliminated from the process, therefore improving the utilization of your assets and overall performance of your business. More information, more power to you.


Onboard Applications

Energy Efficiency

Save on fuel costs and monitor all other aspects of your vessel’s journey by applying analytics to data.

Sailing Paperless

Keep your crew happy and committed, and help them work more efficiently by automating a large part of the paperwork.

Safety and crew

Increase crew safety measures and security with real-time monitoring safety systems.

Condition monitoring

Monitor your equipment to understand its usage pattern, and identify signs of possible failure.

Onboard Solutions


Experience the connection of more than just devices. Facilitate working relationships between your crew and your business partners.


Lower your costs, make your fleet more efficient and participate in the development of transparent supply chain operations.

Working together

Be part of a change in the maritime industry. Collaborate with your partners and push the boundaries of traditional maritime business.