Energy Efficiency

Fuel consumption is one of the main issues affecting maritime environment. It also remains a sizable portion of a ship’s operating costs. With the Onboard energy efficiency application, the use of fuel can be quantified and optimized by monitoring several aspects of a vessel’s journey using smart sensors.

Applying analytics to data coming from the ship’s propulsion and navigation system, sea and wind conditions, and feedback from the crew will undoubtedly lead to cost savings.

Key features

  • Manage operational and fuel performance of your entire fleet.
  • Compare vessels and voyages and set targets for fuel efficiency.
  • Meet environmental control and regulations requirements.
  • Provide and receive feedback from the crew using the bridge display.
  • Share detailed vessels reports with your partners.
  • Quick and easy to install, interface directly with your engines or any type of flowmeter.

Enjoy the complete picture

Performance data about location, speed, distance travelled and fuel used, combined with real-time information from the bridge, will provide complete insight into the operational performance of a vessel. This information creates visible accountability in regards to fuel consumption, thus resulting in more transparency between the crew on board, their colleagues on shore and business partners.

Onboard energy efficiency applications support maritime businesses in complying with SEEMP and MRV environmental regulations.

Onboard Applications

Energy Efficiency

Save on fuel costs and monitor all other aspects of your vessel’s journey by applying analytics to data.

Sailing Paperless

Keep your crew happy and committed, and help them work more efficiently by automating a large part of the paperwork.

Safety and crew

Increase crew safety measures and security with real-time monitoring safety systems.

Condition monitoring

Monitor your equipment to understand its usage pattern, and identify signs of possible failure.

Onboard Solutions


Experience the connection of more than just devices. Facilitate working relationships between your crew and your business partners.


Lower your costs, make your fleet more efficient and participate in the development of transparent supply chain operations.

Working together

Be part of a change in the maritime industry. Collaborate with your partners and push the boundaries of traditional maritime business.