Working Together

We believe that working together is the key to transforming the maritime industry. Cooperation between owners, operators, charterers, service companies and authorities is critical in facing today’s challenges and competitive environment. We hope to create partnerships that will expand our platform towards new functionality, and more precise relevance for our customers.

Change is needed

At present, there are numerous products available for managing and monitoring assets at sea. Many equipment manufacturers package their own solutions that focus on their own specific requirements and fields of expertise. This creates a whirlpool of fragmented solutions offering too little value and results in low adoptions rates of information technologies in the maritime industry. To put it simply, equipping your assets and organization with dozens of different systems, and using a separate tool for every problem is practically and economically nonviable.

Our platform is your platform

We believe that collaboration is essential for transformation. Innovative digital technologies are critical in realizing this collaboration, in enabling the redesign of more transparent and efficient supply chains, and optimizing productivity and operations.

Onboard is dedicated to supporting a digital transformation that will empower resources and crew at sea, colleagues and partners onshore, and all stakeholders involved with one solution serving many purposes, all under your control.

A socially-driven ecosystem

Onboard wants to lead the maritime industry towards new and efficient industry technology. By leveraging the expertise of all stakeholders involved, we can create a unique portfolio of customized services that will be offered through our platform.

The Onboard platform serves as a foundation for industry partners to build complementary applications, products and services. This will further extend the functionality of the platform so it can adapt and continue meeting business needs. Apps can access and use the functionality of the platform through a set of managed interfaces that allow them to securely communicate, interact, and interoperate with the platform. The result is that you will be able to independently mix, match and add applications and functionality according to your specific requirements, while profiting from the support of Onboard, and other partners.


Onboard Solutions


Experience the connection of more than just devices. Facilitate working relationships between your crew and your business partners.


Lower your costs, make your fleet more efficient and participate in the development of transparent supply chain operations.

Working together

Be part of a change in the maritime industry. Collaborate with your partners and push the boundaries of traditional maritime business.