Onboard paper presentation at Tugnology ’19

The tug market is the first to use the Onboard Platform and Energy Efficiency application. This week we were invited to present our paper on how to use big data to optimise terminal towage operations at Tugnology. 

Tugnology is a two-day conference concentrating on tugs, and tugs alone. It’s an impressive conference with a great turnout, that provides high quality and in-depth discussions.

The big data research we shared provides insight into the integrated terminal towage operation and tug design and provides the industry with the tools to optimize both. 

Want to know more? Read our white paper. We assure that this is just the start! We have developed the Onboard Platform and Energy Efficiency application for the whole maritime industry. More examples on optimizing other industry segments to follow! 

About Onboard

Onboard has developed the first IoT platform for the maritime industry. It connects the crew, machines, systems and sensors on board to the supply chain, opens the flow of big data, and integrates advanced analytics real time. We founded our company with the belief that working together is the anchor for a digital maritime revolution. Join us in creating innovative applications and collaborative business models that will benefit all stakeholders.

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